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Website Development Services

What are static websites?

Static websites are the ones that include several different HTML files. Each of these files represents a physical page of a website. Static web pages are delivered to the user exactly as they are stored and each page is a separate HTML file. Generally, in the code of a static webpage, only the header and footer are identical.

These websites are fairly straightforward and offer cost and time efficiency to the client.

Why should we use static websites?

In the early years of the internet, almost all of the websites were created as Static Websites and are still the most convenient and cost-friendly ways to build a website. Static websites are a great catalyst for small businesses to catapult their business towards a path to success via web services. It is an incredible choice for SMEs and MSMEs as it provides fast and cost-friendly development of websites.

Features of static websites


These websites are written with popular languages like HTML and CSS.


Static websites are simple and easy to create.


These websites ensure the unification of content.


Static websites are secure and less prone to errors and breakdowns.

Advantages of static websites

Even though being an old method to create a website, static websites possess numerous merits that have kept it going for decades. In fact, in the era of advanced technology and complex coding, static websites are bringing back the trend of simple yet attractive websites.

• Being a simple and lightweight type of website, static websites relatively run faster than dynamic websites.

• Static websites are more reliable as they possess less chance of breaking down or getting hacked by a third party.

• Static websites take a fraction of time to develop, if compared to dynamic websites, and demand a lot less budget for their development, making it an ideal choice for SMEs.

• Because static websites contain light HTML and CSS files, the hosting and maintenance of these websites also become much more pocket-friendly.


Development Tools

React Static
React Static

React Static is an advanced static-site generator developed for the React environment. React Static offers features such as code-splitting, server-side rendering (SSR), and automatic prefetching.


Hugo is a cross-platform web development framework and a static site generator built for website development. It develops content sites faster without the overhead or dependencies of a dynamic web framework.


Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework that works on front-end development. It contains designs based on CSS and sometimes JavaScript for buttons, navigation, interface, and much more.


Pelican is a Python-based static site generator that is used to integrate Jinja templates with content written on the website. It is one of the most popular and widely used static website systems used in website development.


JavaScript is a well-known and widely used programming language used to create websites and mobile applications. This text-based language can work on both client-side as well as server-side programming.


Gatsby is also a static website generator that is free to use. It uses the JavaScript React framework to build robust static websites. It is a front-end development framework that uses Webpack and GraphQL technology.


jQuery is a library of JavaScript that helps HTML and JavaScript languages to connect and interact with each other. It makes it easier for the developer to use JavaScript in a website to make it more attractive and pleasing.


The word HTML is an acronym for Hypertext markup language that is a key ingredient to create a website. The HTML code describes the structure of the webpage and all the content that it contains.


CSS or “Cascading Style Sheets” is responsible for the style and layout of a webpage. Where HTML describes the structure, CSS takes care of the look and appearance of the web pages.

In House Modules
In House Modules

Aside from all these development tools and languages, we also have a fleet of more than 1000 pre-built templates to make the development process more streamlined.

Our Approch:

We aim to provide that competitive advantage to our clients by committing to deliver the product within the shortest time frame possible. Whether it is mobile applications, websites, or web apps, Appther Technologies focuses on delivering robust products through exceptional tools and resources.

Appther Technologies commits full transparency and reliability throughout the development process and also focuses on delivering satisfactory after-sales services such as maintenance, updating, and modification within the product.

In House Pre Built Modules

During our long course of development experience, we have created several pre-coded templates that reduce the development time enormously. These different templates contain industry-specific content that a general website has. We have ready-to-use templates for industries like education, technological, FMCG, and many others that can prove beneficial for SMEs and MSMEs.

Upon client’s demand, we integrate the templates into the website, make personalized changes in the content for a better user experience and your website is ready to go live!


With the help of our pre-built templates, we have squeezed the development timeline for websites. However, a deadline of a project is still largely dependent upon the complexity and purpose of the website. Keeping the complexity at a neutral point, we can deliver a fully developed website within 13 to 16 days and can deliver modification of existing websites in just 4 to 6 days.



Do static websites include databases?

No, while the codes of dynamic websites are stored in a database. Static websites on the other hand do not require a database to store their codes. The codes of a static website are permanently present on the internet in the form of HTML.

What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?

Static websites are simple, lightweight, and easy to understand websites designed to store data on the internet. Static websites contain several files of HTML code where each file is a representation of a physical page of a website. Static websites do not include any database, the code permanently exists on the web itself.

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, include databases and use server technologies such as PHP to store their code. They are an advanced version of static websites that can change their content according to the user. However, unlike static websites, dynamic websites are more prone to breakdowns, errors, and hacking.

What is the cost of developing websites with Appther?

At Appther, we offer website development from scratch and also provide pre-written templates that you can use within your existing website. However, the costs of these services differ from each other if you wish to add templates to your websites, then the cost of developing such websites can vary from $800 to $1000.

Although, if you are looking to create a website from the ground, then the cost can rise to $1000 to $1500 to develop.

What are the stages of website development?

Website development follows a rigid process that is essential for a smooth and sleek development operation. These stages follow the hierarchy of the development process to ensure the effectiveness and timely delivery of the website.

  1. Idea formulation
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Content generation
  5. Execution and development
  6. Testing
  7. Maintenance

How soon can I get my website working?

The delivery of the website depends if your website is developing from scratch or you just want to add some templates. Although, Appther delivers both products in exceptionally less time than the other competitors.

For full website development, we can make your site go live in 15 days and for modification and template integration, we can deliver the updated website in just 5 days.

What are the additional benefits that you offer?

Apart from delivering an excelling website, Appther offers some additional benefits that our clients can enjoy. Appther offers content and writing solutions for your website. You just give us the details and we will deliver informative and engaging content for your website.

Furthermore, we also offer direct marketing for your website right after the site is published on the internet.