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Wearable App Development Services

What is wearable app development services?

Wearable apps are the next big leap in technological advancement. The growing awareness about health and the increasing interest of youngsters in IoT technology has been a catalyst in the increasing popularity of these apps.

Wearables are simply gadgets that you can wear on your body. These gadgets are smart devices that are connected to the internet and are capable of performing specific advanced tasks. All of these tasks are achieved by applications coded into the device and the development of these softwares is known to be wearable app development.

How are wearable apps and smartphone apps different?

  1. Wearable apps provide live location tracking at all times
  2. These apps are lite in terms of memory and provide easy and fast performance
  3. Wearable apps provide customized notifications that are short and more eye-catching.
  4. These apps ensure the privacy and security of the user’s data as the information is stored and transferred from smart device to wearable via cloud

Types of wearable Technology

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Head-mounted displays

Head-mounted displays are the devices that sit on the head of the user and provide a life-like experience by displaying high-quality video and audio. It enhances the user’s experience by offering features like recording and capturing photos in real-time. The best example of this technology is the VR headsets that are capable to project an artificial reality to its user.

Wearable apps

Our Approch

LargeTon Technologies focuses on delivering robust applications by using advanced tools and resources to ensure the quality of the product. We aim to simplify daily activities by converting ideas into workable applications. We ensure the client’s competitive advantage by delivering the application within the shortest timeframe possible. When it comes to wearable apps, the style and look of the application are defining components. At LargeTon, we deliver a marvelous balance of performance and looks. Our team of UI/UX engineers is familiar with every nook and cranny of UI/UX development and is capable of providing high-achieving products.

When it comes to wearable apps, the style and look of the application are defining components. At LargeTon, we deliver a marvelous balance of performance and looks. Our team of UI/UX engineers is familiar with every nook and cranny of UI/UX development and is capable of providing high-achieving products.


Where a majority of app development firms take from 5 to 6 months to deliver an application, LargeTon commits to deliver these apps in only 3 to 4 months. Our fleet of experienced developers and engineers is well versed in wearable technology and can create a strong and effective application in an exceptionally short time.



How do wearable devices work?

Wearable technology directly depends upon the various sensors and miniature computers that it contains. These sensors are built-in into the wearable device that enables them to monitor different activities of the user.

What technologies are used in wearable gadgets?

Wearable gadgets opt for several methods to operate and function effectively. Smartwatches or smart gadgets use numerous sensors (internal ad external) to track and record information. They also use wireless signals such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS to connect with other devices as well.

What are the merits of wearable apps?

Promotes fitness

Wearable apps are changing the healthcare industry drastically. People are concerned about their health and fitness more than ever and this increased awareness resulted in a demand for such apps that are capable of tracking the basic vitals of the user. Now, wearables are capable to track several aspects of the users’ health like blood sugar, stress level, and blood pressure. Apple iWatch series 6 even allows you to get an ECG in just a matter of minutes.

Easier access

Wearable gadgets enable the user to access text, calls, and other features straight from the device without even taking your phone out of your pocket. This allows the end-user to access information faster and much easier.

Better customer satisfaction

Right now, wearable apps are the pinnacle of user-friendly UI and customer satisfaction. Wearable apps are specially designed ergonomically to offer easier and faster access to functions. Plus, with features like the personal customization of looks and a range of stylish designs, it certainly bumps up customer satisfaction.

How to develop wearable apps?

The process of developing wearable applications is not that different from developing a smartphone application. Just like the traditional applications, it too goes to the full development cycle from research and design to the development and testing of the application. However, wearable apps demand a different approach and invite different complexities than traditional smartphone apps.

What is the timeframe to develop a wearable app?

As wearable apps are lighter than smartphone apps and are not designed to perform heavy tasks, they take relatively less time to develop if compared to smartphone apps. Usually, a generic wearable app takes around 3 to 4 months to develop, all the way from planning, to execution, to launch.

What is the cost of developing wearable apps?

Similar to smartphone app development, the development cost of wearable apps depends upon certain aspects. Type, intricacy, and type of platform affect the budget of the wearable app. Although, if we have to give a rough estimate, a wearable app can take from $25,000 to $35,000 to develop.

What are the monetization opportunities with wearable apps?

The ultimate goal of any owner of an application is to make money with it, and the same goes with wearable apps. There are numerous tested and proven ways to monetize your app. For wearable apps, the best way is to link your wearable app with a smartphone app. After that, you can follow generic monetization methods like subscription, in-app purchases, advertising, and much more.

Which are some popular wearable apps?

There are several wearable apps that are hugely successful and are considered the industry leaders of wearable apps, some of them are stated below.

  1. Parking
  2. Accuweather
  3. Calm
  4. Spotify
  5. Sleep as Android