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What is UI/UX development?

You must have heard people often talking about the UI or UX of a website or an application. These words seem like it means something complex or maybe something fairly technical. Well, in reality, the concept of UI and UX is pretty simple.

UI refers to the User Interface of a product while UX refers to the User Experience of a product. Both of these elements are essential for the development and operation of an application.

Where UI development focuses on the look, style, and appearance of the application, UX decides the functionality of the application. It is focused on the overall journey of the user on the app.

How UI and UX are different?

To put it simply, UX decides the overall feel of the user’s experience on the application. UX of an application is designed to simplify the user’s complete journey on the app. It involves solving particular problems, such as What tasks do they need to achieve, what actions do users take, and how streamlined is the user experience?

UI, on the other hand, decides the aesthetic look and feel of the application. UI contains all the visual components of the experience. This involves all the individual screens, buttons, and touchpoints that the user will encounter while using the app. To give an analogy, UX is like the structure of a building and UI is like the interior design that the visitors will see.

Features of UI/UX development

UI and UX are some of the main pillars of application development. It provides the users an easy and fast interface with the help of which they can interact with the application. They both provide numerous functions that make the app smooth, sleek, and user friendly,

  1. UI/UX design provides better responsiveness of the application as not all users always understand the backend process of the application.
  2. Hybrid apps offer faster speed and high performance compared to other applications.
  3. A well-put UI and UX can change the entire dynamic of an application. It ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the app.
  4. A good UI/UX can directly result in better traffic on your application. An attractive app can be a real eye-candy for the users and can attract them towards the application.

Merits of UI/UX development

Optimal use of resources

A bad user interface that contains bugs such as non-complimenting colors and themes, buggy operation, and confusing layout can lead to poor customer engagement and an overall downfall in revenue generation. With that being said, a good UI and UX can result in better engagement, reduced time, and better utilization of costs.

Leads to improves productivity

It is well known that an attractive app can engage the customer more towards the application and ultimately leads to pushing them through the sales funnel. However, it can also increase the productivity of the employees by providing easy layouts and operations through in-house ERPs

Better customer retention

After driving the customer to the application, the next and the most essential step remain is to keep the customer engaged and maintain customer retention. An attractive user interface and an engaging user experience can make the customer visit the site repeatedly.

Development Tools

Adobe XD
Adobe XD

Adobe XD is created and released by Adobe INC and is considered to be one of the finest designing tools to date. T is a vector-based UI designing tool that can be used to design UI’s for mobile and web apps. Adobe XD is available for macOS as well as Windows operating systems.


Figma is a graphics editor and designing software tool that helps in building dynamic mockups and prototypes for any project. Figma typically is a web-based tool and runs on various browsers. However, it offers many offline features that can be enabled by desktop applications.


Balsamiq is a web-based UI design tool generally used for creating wireframes and rough mockups of projects and in this case, mobile applications. Balsamiq was founded by Peldi Guilizzoni in 2008.

Visual Sitemaps
Visual Sitemaps

A visual sitemap is a tool used to portray the working and look of a website. It basically features a diagram formulated in a hierarchical order that represents the information about the website and its operations.


Treejack is a specialized tool that focuses on the information architecture of a website. It helps you in tracking and understanding a visitor’s movement and its behavior on the website.


FlowMap is designed to pay attention to the UX (User Experience) part of an application.it allows the designer to build user flows and designing visual sitemaps for the UX of the application.

Invision Studio
Invision Studio

InVision Studio is another vector-based UI tool used to build more advanced prototypes and designs. InVision studio allows the designer to create a model that contains fully functional and dynamic elements.


Axure is a simple yet efficient UI tool that allows the designer to build wireframes and prototypes easily. It also helps in testing to functions and operations of the application.


Craft is an external plug-in introduced by In-vision. It is a designing tool that works simultaneously with photo-editing softwares like Photoshop or Sketch and also provides an easy sync feature for continuous updates.


Illustrator is yet another vector-based design tool used to create attractive and eye-catching UI’s for applications among many other things. It is used to design graphical images and graphical components like logos, patterns, icons, etc.

Our Approch

LargeTon believes in quality over quantity, and we focus on making every app capable of delivering exceptional performance. With our specialized resources and exemplary staff, we commit to deliver an attractive interface that will provide a “butter smooth” performance and user satisfaction. We efficiently push the product through the entire app development lifecycle and Fastrack the process with our pre-built libraries and deliver the apps that prevail.


From planning to designing to implementation, the entire process of UI/UX design can take from 4 weeks to as much as 9 weeks, depending on the complexity, nature, and purpose of the application.

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Does UI/UX fall into the category of software development?

While designing and software development share close quarters in the app development process, it does not mainly fall into the category of software development. UI/UX designing focuses on the appearance and functionality of the app, whereas software development is responsible for implementing the functions and features that an app will possess.

Is UI designing better than UX?

Many people are in the misconception that there is a constant rivalry between UI and UX development. Will, on the contrary, this is not the case. Both UI and UX are the two sides of the same coin and both tools are interdependent to produce a robust application.

Does UI/UX include coding as well?

It can be gigantically beneficial if the designer has programming and coding skills. However, it is not necessary for a UI/UX designer to have coding knowledge.

How does UI/UX designing work?

The first and foremost step is to prepare the Ui of any application. This step includes creating wireframes, prototypes, and ultimately a rough layout of the interface that will serve the users. After that, UX design comes into play, UX implements all the functionality, enables buttons, and other aspects that will make the application function.

What is the cost of developing UI/UX designs?

Although mobile app development is a combined effort of different components and the cost is an integrated estimate of all of these components. Nevertheless, if someone just has to build a UI/UX design, it can cost around $5,000 to $20,000 depending upon the complexity of the project.

What is the timeframe for developing UI/UX designs?

The time required to design a UI and UX of a project can vary from 4 to 10 weeks. The timeframe depends upon several aspects like what kind of app it is, how complex is the interface going to be, and what is the size of the application?