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What is Node JS

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform environment that runs on the JavaScript V8 Engine. It was created by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009. This JavaScript runtime environment is used for developing server-side and networking applications.

Node.js is written exclusively in Javascript, C, and C++ and can be run on Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. The Node.js language also offers a rich library of several JavaScript modules. These modules simplify the development of web-based applications by using Node.js.

Why has it’s recently popular in backend development?

Node.js has always been eye candy for developers and always favored by programmers for coding purposes. Although, in recent years the popularity of Node.js programming has been skyrocketed exponentially.

Many updates in the Node.js programming have allied it to be faster, smooth, and developer-friendly.

1. Firstly, it is open-source software so the user does not require a license to access the services.

2. Another great thing about Node.js is that it can be used for front-end programming as well back-end programming.

3. Many of the big giants like Netflix, PayPal, and Microsoft have adopted and are working with Node.js.

4. Node.js is a great method for real-time processing as well as processing large files quickly.

In which case do we need to use Node.js?

Now the question arises, when should you go for Node.js. Well, there are several instances when using Node.js programming can prove to be a beneficial choice for a developer.

1. Working with real-time apps: Node.js can be a great choice for a developer when the project is related to real-time operations. Applications that include the feature of chat, video calling, or live gaming are the best examples of it.
2. Curating APIs: Node.js can also be used for creating APIs for an application. Using node.js can also help to combine the features of NoSQL databases and the APIs.
3. Working with IoT: Node.js has proven to work fantastically well with the Internet of things (IoT). Its capability to communicating small messages from one device to another and supporting several connections simultaneously makes it a perfect candidate for the job.

Development Tools


Expo is a platform framework used to develop React native applications. This open-source platform is used to create applications that can be run on Android, IOS, and web platforms


Typescript is a type of language that upgrades the JavaScript language for building user interfaces. It completes this objective by adding definitions into the JavaScript language.

React Navigation

React navigation is a library that allows the developer to add the feature of navigation into the React native application. It reconstructs the APIs of the operating system such as IOS or Android to implement these features.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a development environment for React native apps. It provides a developing environment for applications that are to be run on react native platforms.

Redux- Saga

Redux Saga is a middleware library that is used to enable a Redux store to communicate with resources outside of itself asynchronously. Redux-Saga helps to solve application bugs in a much easier way. It also makes it easier to execute and test the application.

Ignite CLI

Ignite CLI is a tool that helps in developing and maintaining React native applications in several frameworks. It acts as a React native boilerplate for React Native and Expo.

Code Push

Microsoft CodePush is a library for React Native and Cordova platforms. It allows the developer to launch code and image updates through a proprietary server.

In House Modules
In House Modules

Aside from all these development tools and languages, we also have a fleet of more than 1000 in-house modules that we have created with years of work experience.

Our Approch:

LargeTon Technologies focuses on delivering high-achieving applications by using advanced tools and resources to ensure the quality of the product. We aim to provide that competitive advantage to our clients by committing to delivering the final product within the shortest timeframe possible.

We aim to provide full transparency and reliability throughout the development process and also focuses on delivering satisfactory after-sales services such as app maintenance, updating, and modification within the application. By achieving these milestones we are capable to provide a new and enhanced experience to your users.

In house pre-built modules

Any application development requires several resources all from planning to execution and just like any other resource, these apps also demand an extensive timeline to get ready for the launch in the market. Integration of several features and figuring out complex codes to complete and action is one of the reasons for this long timeline. However, unlike other companies, LargeTon promises to deliver these applications in a remarkably less time frame. We have created more than 1000 In house modules while developing a diverse portfolio of apps. These pre-built modules are a set of pre-written codes created to perform specialized tasks with an application. With the help of these modules, we have compressed our timeline to half compared to the other companies in the market.

We have created more than 1000 In house modules while developing a diverse portfolio of apps. These pre-built modules are a set of pre-written codes created to perform specialized tasks with an application. With the help of these modules, we have compressed our timeline to half compared to the other companies in the market.


Where most app development companies can take from 6 months to a whole year to deliver an application, LargeTon commits to deliver these apps in only 3 to 6 months. All because of our several pre-built modules that we have created over many years of experience.

This reduced time and quick launch of the product will ensure a competitive edge over your rivals and will allow you to tap the market earlier than any other organization.



What is React Native app development?

To simply put it, React Native is a popular open-source framework that is used for creating natively rendering iOS, Android, and Web apps. It refers to the process of developing applications for different operating systems by using React native tool. This framework is based on the javascript language and is developed by Facebook INC in the year 2015.

How long does it take to develop a React Native application?

While React Native offers a faster and easier development process, creating an application regardless of its platform can take a bit of time. In general, an app created with React native can take from 5 to 11 months from planning to launch.

Why should we go for React Native app development?

There are many reasons to consider React Native for app development. Here are some points that you can consider.

  • React Native is a cross-platform software that allows developers to build apps on more than one platform without any additional hassle.
  • It is a tried and trusted method for creating applications and is considered to be one of the most popular methods for developing cross-platform applications.
  • React native is used by many big giants like Facebook, Skype, and tesla which proves its effectiveness.

How much does developing a React native application cost?

React native can save you some bucks if you want to create an application for multiple platforms. Usually, it cost an additional 10 percent if not less for creating the app on the second platform. However, if you are going for just one platform like Android or IOS the developing cost is nearly the same.

What Is The Difference Between React And React Native?

The main difference between these two is that react is a library used for developing web apps where React Native is a platform that is used to develop mobile applications. Furthermore, React native consists of React library and offers all the features of React.

Can React native be used for mobile and web app development?

Yes, React Native is a cross-platform software that can be used for app development for several operating systems like Android, IOS, as well as web apps. The mobile applications that are created using React Native platform are multi-platform as they are written once and can be used over the other platforms also.