Hybrid App Development Services

Witness the powers of hybrid applications at your fingertips, and make your startup reach new skies.

Hybrid App Development Services

What is hybrid app development services?

Hybrid apps are the amalgamation of native and web applications, and the process of creating such applications is known as “hybrid app development”. Hybrid apps are capable to work on a variety of different operating systems such as Android, IOS, or Web.

Hybrid software usually includes a unified code for all platforms. This makes the development process way easier as the developers only need to write the code one time and then can run it for different platforms. This ability to operate on multiple platforms makes hybrid apps more effective, efficient, as well as more pocket-friendly for the clients.

Why you should consider hybrid apps ?

Many reasons make hybrid app development a good choice, especially for the client. Hybrid applications contain various features that can ensure the scalability and growth of the business and can make the business reach new strides. Furthermore, it does not invite the chance of big maintenance costs neither it demands extensive coding to create the app for different platforms.

What are the features of hybrid applications?

There are numerous features of hybrid applications that users, as well as owners, can reap the benefits of. Mentioned below are some of the features of hybrid applications.

  1. Hybrid apps are known for their superior and attractive UI/UX designs.
  2. Hybrid apps offer faster speed and high performance compared to other applications.
  3. The development cost for hybrid cost is vastly less than the other native apps.
  4. Since hybrid applications do not require strong and contentious network connectivity, it can be very beneficial in situations where there is low or no online connectivity.
  5. Since hybrid apps are meant to work on more than one platform, they offer a good chance for scalability and growth as they can connect with a much larger audience.

What are the advantage of hybrid App?

Supports multiple platforms

Hybrid apps are developed to work and operate on multiple platforms and operating systems. They are platform-independent and can operate on several different platforms like Android, IOS, and web apps.

Simple integration with system features

The hybrid applications are designed to communicate and integrate with the system’s features effortlessly. These applications use the internal programming of the system more effectively and produce results faster and better.

Development Tools

React Native

React Native is an open-source framework designed to develop hybrid applications. It is one of the most popular frameworks based on JavaScript that helps in developing cross-platform applications.


Flutter is cross-platform software used to develop applications compatible with various platforms like IOS, Android, and web platforms. It is a development toolkit designed by Google to provide fast and smooth hybrid apps.

Our Approch

LargeTon Technologies focuses on delivering robust applications by using advanced tools and resources to ensure the quality of the product. We aim to provide that competitive advantage to our clients by committing to delivering the final product within the shortest timeframe possible.

We aim to provide full transparency and reliability throughout the development process and also focuses on delivering satisfactory after-sales services such as app maintenance, updating, and modification within the application. By achieving these milestones we are capable to provide a new and enhanced experience to your users.

In house pre-built modules

Any application development requires several resources all from planning to execution and just like any other resource, these apps also demand an extensive timeline to get ready for the launch in the market.

Integration of several features and figuring out complex codes to complete and action is one of the reasons for this long timeline. However, unlike other companies, LargeTon promises to deliver these applications in a remarkably less time frame.

We have created more than 1000 In house modules while developing a diverse portfolio of apps. These pre-built modules are a set of pre-written codes created to perform specialized tasks with an application. With the help of these modules, we have compressed our timeline to half compared to the other companies in the market.


As we stated before, because of our numerous in-house modules, we can compress the development process greatly. Where most of the companies might take more than a year to complete and deliver an Android application, LargeTon Technologies on the other hand commits to deliver the application within a 3 to 6 months period.

This reduced time and quick launch of the product will ensure a competitive edge over your rivals and will allow you to tap the market earlier than any other organization.



What is the difference between native and hybrid applications?

Native apps are applications that are designed to operate on a single platform. These applications are specifically created for an operating system such as Android, IOS, or Web. hybrid apps on the other hand are designed to operate and support various platforms with the help of a unified code.

Why choosing hybrid apps are a good choice?

Since hybrid apps are capable of supporting multiple platforms, it invites a great chance to connect with a pool of audiences at once scattered on multiple platforms.

Hybrid apps are a great choice for people who are looking to make the presence of their application across a wide spectrum of platforms.

What types of apps are suitable for hybrid app development?

While almost all the apps can be created with hybrid app development, there are some niche types of apps that go well with hybrid app development.

MVP or minimum viable products are a good match for hybrid app development. MVP refers to creating a simple and initial application that provides maximum value to the owner.

Apps that require real-time updates are also a good choice for hybrid app development. Real-time operations-based apps such as social media apps benefit extremely from hybrid app development.

How long does it take to develop a hybrid app?

Hybrid apps take relatively less time than native apps to develop, but then again the complexity of the application can fluctuate the timeline of the application. Generally, a simple hybrid application takes from 5 to 9 months from idea to delivery.

Are hybrid apps costly?

In comparison no, developing a hybrid application for a single platform will not impact the developing cost a lot. However, the cost can decrease exponentially in the case of multi-platform app development. Hybrid apps use the same code for all platforms, this feature drastically decreases the development cost of the application.

What team is required for hybrid app development?

Mentioned below are the team members you should have in order to build a robust hybrid application.

  1. project/program managers
  2. React Native developers
  3. Flutter developers
  4. Android/IOS developers
  5. QA testers